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June 25, 2006, 1:02 am
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The start of a banner.

I thought I'd go with an abstract smoke sort of theme.  That way we can keep the contrasting b&w thing, and perhaps maintains some sort of elusiveness? I'm not sure.

I intend the 'smoke' to continue extending until the whole banner is covered, revealing the title as it goes.  Then it will stop.  From there, I can always add some quick fade in/outs of characters or silhouettes of young adults smoking/skating/doing-whatever-it-is-that-they-do.  But we'll see.  One step at a time.

Let me know what you think – whether you like this idea so far or not.  I can always start over if it doesn't suit.  (also, the spots in the background shouldn't be there… some quirk in WP I haven't figured out yet.) 



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Very cool! Like the abstract smoke/fluid dynamics thing a lot. However, I don’t see it in your header? I saw your comments on the forum, did you get the animated headed question answered? I’ve noticed the headers downgrade pretty badly image quality-wise, maybe that’s where the dots are from?

Comment by veltis

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Comment by jenafoley26833

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